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Signature Cocktails

The following items are a sampling of signature cocktails, ask your event designer about creating a personalized signature cocktail.


Romeo and Juliet

tequila, Grand Marnier, raspberry liqueur and chilled peach nectar garnished with an orange zest spiral and maraschino cherries

Pomegranate Kiss

champagne and a splash of pomegranate juice

Mango Martini

mango puree, Triple sec, lime juice and vodka

Lychee Pineapple Martini

vodka, pineapple juice, lychees, and orange-flavored liqueur

Blackberry Thyme Margarita

tequila, fresh blackberries, thyme springs, lime juice and simple syrup

Cranberry Old Fashioned

bourbon, cranberries, bitters, orange zest and sugar


Cachaça, limes, and sugar


Naples Sunrise

pineapple-basil infused water

Arnold Palmer

lemonade and iced tea in a highball glass

Strawberry Rhubarb Iced Tea

garnished with a mint leaf

White Ginger and Pineapple Punch

garnished with candied ginger

Beverage Stations

Hot Chocolate

rich and creamy hot chocolate served with peppermint swizzle sticks

Hot Apple Cider

garnished with a thin sliver of apple and a cinnamon stick served with funnel cake fritters

Milk and Cookies

whole milk with chocolate and strawberry syrup served with miniature chocolate chip cookies

Root Beer Floats

vanilla bean ice cream topped with root beer served in old fashioned Coke glasses

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